Monday, January 16, 2012

Motley New Year

Foretaste of joy
Simply we are. At the end of each year must become little children again, and we want everything to be "as usual". And then come up with the intention of finally on holiday something incredible fiasco, and the New Year gets its traditional ambiance and menu. Tradition tradition, but let us boldly rezhissiruya family reunion and keeping the basic colors of winter marathon called the New Year!

So, let's go! The original idea of ​​home decorating and festive table setting will appear as soon as the doors open on your favorite shops and salons. Such purchases delivered more joy than a hassle, so it is good to take with you and children. For them, shopping for Christmas decorations - a real adventure, anticipation of a miracle before it starts.

The vertical "trunks" floor lamps can be decorated with boughs of mountain ash with artificial snow spray from, or other decorative accessories

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