Monday, January 16, 2012

Festive illuminations

The fire, according to ancient legend, runs the evil spirits, so that virtually all countries of the world greeted the New Year bright illumination. At home we can restrict traditional electric garlands and candles. No doubt, this romantic mood in the house can create a spark. Note, not necessarily to buy expensive and scented gel (200-500 rubles).. The choice is now so large that inevitably comes to mind: not to come up with anything their not so pompous? Simple candles in aluminum cups (5-10 rubles.) Curly or flat colored candles (10 rubles). Turn into magic lamps, if they are placed in a clear bowl or glasses filled with water. At the bottom drop out of a few colored stones or shells - that is enough.

Traditional paraffin candles on a decorative pedestal become festive. We urge you not to combine candles with Christmas wreaths, boughs of spruce and arrange them any suspension of the composition. Alas, the candles are not only beautiful, but dangerous. Metal, ceramic or glass stand not only will save the furniture from wax stains, but also serve as a good guarantee for fire safety. Once again: "waterfowl" candles - the most beautiful and safe.

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