Monday, January 16, 2012

Motley New Year

Foretaste of joy
Simply we are. At the end of each year must become little children again, and we want everything to be "as usual". And then come up with the intention of finally on holiday something incredible fiasco, and the New Year gets its traditional ambiance and menu. Tradition tradition, but let us boldly rezhissiruya family reunion and keeping the basic colors of winter marathon called the New Year!

So, let's go! The original idea of ​​home decorating and festive table setting will appear as soon as the doors open on your favorite shops and salons. Such purchases delivered more joy than a hassle, so it is good to take with you and children. For them, shopping for Christmas decorations - a real adventure, anticipation of a miracle before it starts.

The vertical "trunks" floor lamps can be decorated with boughs of mountain ash with artificial snow spray from, or other decorative accessories

Festive illuminations

The fire, according to ancient legend, runs the evil spirits, so that virtually all countries of the world greeted the New Year bright illumination. At home we can restrict traditional electric garlands and candles. No doubt, this romantic mood in the house can create a spark. Note, not necessarily to buy expensive and scented gel (200-500 rubles).. The choice is now so large that inevitably comes to mind: not to come up with anything their not so pompous? Simple candles in aluminum cups (5-10 rubles.) Curly or flat colored candles (10 rubles). Turn into magic lamps, if they are placed in a clear bowl or glasses filled with water. At the bottom drop out of a few colored stones or shells - that is enough.

Traditional paraffin candles on a decorative pedestal become festive. We urge you not to combine candles with Christmas wreaths, boughs of spruce and arrange them any suspension of the composition. Alas, the candles are not only beautiful, but dangerous. Metal, ceramic or glass stand not only will save the furniture from wax stains, but also serve as a good guarantee for fire safety. Once again: "waterfowl" candles - the most beautiful and safe.

The Magic Room

And now look around, neither fairies nor wizards, nor even the ubiquitous wunderkind Harry Potter. No trees to a suitable atmosphere!

Pearls for the New Year - not necessarily the event. But let's not forget that every holiday - it is, above all, a special atmosphere, which is composed of thousands of little things. So you should not rely on lack of time and money - we can arrange a little joy. We have windows, doors, walls, floor, ceiling, fixtures, furniture, fireplace - all that is in the house. Our main tool - a fantasy.

Let's start with the hallway. The door is usually decorated with a Christmas wreath (not Russian custom, but in our area has received wide spread). In Northern Europe, they are usually spun out of holly - dark green shrub with bright red berries. This wreath can be purchased from us, but only in specialized floral shops. And the cost will be $ 80. Very often use ordinary fir twigs, rowan (our version of holly), dried flowers, etc. Dried fruits, cinnamon sticks or vanilla, dried flowers weave with a fine wire in the spruce and willow twigs, rolled into the ring. It remains a festive wreath uvit tape - and it's ready! Of course, there are also artificial Christmas wreaths (150-200 rubles. And above), but frankly, compared to products made of natural material is not in favor of the simulations. Add that the Christmas wreaths can be decorated as cabinet, window, mirror, just put them on a table or nightstand.

Another option is decorating the door - any decorative composition on New Year's theme (you can fix it by conventional "Velcro").

In the living room, where usually there is "herringbone-Beauty," remember the stylistic unity and color selection. All the décor elements must be met in the overall color scheme. Very cozy and festive at the same time is a combination of warm shades of ocher and gold. The room becomes a fantastic temple, always bathed in light. If the design allows the chandelier, it is decorated with cinnamon sticks, hung on threads, dried fruits, artificial snow, etc. However, if the ceilings of the house is not too high, it is better to give up any dangling parts and artificial light uvit gilt sprigs (about $ 10) or, although it is not the best option, tinsel and ribbons.

Tinsel, ribbons, garlands of all kinds (the value of a garland, depending on the type, range from 20 rubles. Up to $ 20) can be uvit and frame mirrors, molding, door trim, even the backs of chairs (this solution is short-lived - not sit too comfortably).

A wonderful option for windows - decorative wire frame hanging from the eaves. Their design is anything - from angels, flitting in the branches of gold (up to $ 300!), To plastic snowflakes and fir branches (from 100 rubles. Even if you do them with your hands). These frames are used for wall decor, but in this case it is necessary to solve the problem of fixing - at least two nails driven into the wall, are necessary. In the bedroom it can use the same decorative elements as in the living room, specific recommendations on this point.

Now, she - well-dressed!

Decorating a Christmas tree - the process responsible, remarkably handsome and generally enthuse the whole family. Solemnly take out a box of old toys and ... By the way, if you want to fill your collection, it is necessary to make an eternal and not too pleasant choice: cheap plastic (from 10 USD / pcs.) Or fabulous glass (60 USD / pcs.). Imported toys in the average price of $ 2-2.5. If your plans include replacing the entire decoration of Christmas trees, it can result in a tidy sum. After all, even tinsel costs from $ 5 to $ 50!

However, because of the experience is not worth it. First of all, this season is fashionable to decorate the Christmas tree bows (imagine, no balls, only bows!). Secondly, experts generally advise against overuse decorations, especially if they are too colorful and bright. Also, if you really set out to follow the fashion and do something extraordinary to remember: toys made to combine the two (no more) colors. Ceremonial version - white and gold, bright and vibrant - red with silver refined - white with blue ... But the stylistic delights will never replace the present home of comfort and warmth. Therefore, herringbone, adorned with a garland of simple paper, glued his arms a child, you will find hundreds of other brilliant nicer, but too "cold" beauties.

Another indispensable attribute of the tree - electric garlands are also "lights." The cheapest option for today - 50 multi-colored lights for 50 rubles. The more complicated the design and longer garland, so, consequently, higher, and cost. Special problems garlands never cause - manufacturers think through everything from safety to special effects. The ones that burn constantly, quickly overheat, so the best option is considered a "flashing lights" and "running lights". More expensive but much more effective. In general, all kinds of lights on New Year's required, and they can decorate the Christmas tree is not only (but this will be discussed below).